A great veteran was gunned down this weekend. Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL described as the most prolific sniper in American military history, was gunned down by suspect Eddie Ray Routh. Routh, a 25 year old Iraq veteran, is described as apparently suffering from mental problems related to his military service, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

This is not just about the loss of Kyle, but the need of veterans everywhere to get help ASAP! With the wars winding down and service members returning home, many are coming home after facing deadly fire fights, death of comrades and are unable to process their tranistion. The Veterans Administration reported last week that 22 veterans committ suicide a week back in 2010.

Employers accross the nation are watching the lingering effects of war on veterans in their community and are hesitant to hire one. Fear of a veteran with PTSD creating havoc in the workplace has pushed the number of unemployed veterans up.

If you know a veteran that is alone, suffering mental issues or just needs a friend, don’t hesitate to get involved and create change for him/her. Get them connected to the VA healthcare system and get them help NOW!

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