The Veterans Assistance Commission of Kankakee County is a County Agency operated by and for veterans. The Commission provides services and financial aid to veterans, their dependents and survivors who reside in Kankakee County and qualify for and need assistance as follows:

  • Preparation of and filing for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) entitlements and other documents which relate to benefits available.
  • Answering questions about benefits applied for or are receiving.
  • Applying for additional benefits for which you are entitled.
  • Follow up services on claims.
  • Assistance for those whose benefits have been discontinued.
  • Information on Educational Benefits, G.I. Home Loans, Disability Compensation, Pensions, Burial, VA Healthcare, Lost Discharges and other entitlements administered by the USDVA.
  • Pamphlets pertaining to programs of the USDVA, Veterans Assistance Commission and other federal, state and local human service agencies. These pamphlets are available at the Commission Office.
  • Non-emergency transportation to and from Hines VA Medical Center is provided for veterans residing in Kankakee County requiring medical treatment. Advanced notice is required to arrange transportation.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance Program.  Financial assistance is provided to veterans and their dependents who reside in Kankakee County whose last discharge from service was Honorable. The veteran must provide proof of an Honorable Discharge(DD-214) at the time of application. Reserve or National Guard Duty for training only is Non-Qualifying. This program is designed to assist veterans and their families who meet income guidelines and are in need of meeting basic living expenses for food, shelter, utilities, personal needs considered essential to the health and well-being of the individual or family. All assistance is paid by voucher directly to the vendor. Applicants receiving financial aid from other governmental agencies, whether Federal, State, County or Township programs are not eligible.

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