Keeping track of your DD214!

I have been amazed by the number of veterans that have come into the office and  provide a pristine original discharge paper (DD214).   Those DD214s were  sealed and only brought out of the safe for special occasions.   More often, service men and women walk into the office having lost their discharge papers or they were distroyed in a house fire.  If you follow these simple tips, you will ALWAYS have a copy of your DD214 close by.

If you do not have a copy of your DD214

Option 1 – Come into the VAC Office located at 135 N. Schuyler Ave, Kankakee.  It just takes a couple minutes to fill out a form and we will have your papers back within 3 weeks.

Option 2 – Go to and request your DD214 on your own.  You can request it through an online request or print the form and have it mailed to your house.

Once you have your DD214

Step 1 – Go to the Kankakee County Recorder’s Office located at 189 E. Court St, Kankakee to have it recorded.  Once it is recorded, it will be on file forever.  It will NOT be seen by the public and the only people to get copies are the veteran and staff of the VAC.  Go to  to learn more about the recorders office.

Step 2 – Come to the VAC and allow us to scan it into our system.  That allows us to create an electronic file that includes your military service.

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Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches, we look forward to the cook outs and family gatherings, but let’s not lose sight about what the holiday is truly about.

As a time of remembrance for those who fought to keep this great country of ours FREE. For those who complain or protest thinking this country is so terrible, go live in North Korea, maybe that will give you a better outlook.

I this weekend, I remember my Uncle Donald Hoback. He was in the Korean War and had a grenade blow up near him imbedding pieces of shrapnel into his leg. He was taken from battle and stayed in a hospital for medical attention then sent back he to the U.S. He did not lose his leg, but had several surgeries later on in life to scrap the nerves in his leg to stop the recurring pain.

He lived downtown Kankakee and walked everywhere with a cane. He was a friend to many people and to some he was known as Santa Claus. He was involved in the Knights of Columbus and played Santa Claus for the annual Christmas party. He had sense of humor that touched everyone around him. His one true fault was he was a Reds fan. Lol

So, this holiday when you go to a memorial service, don’t just look around at the older men wearing VFW, Marine Corps League or American Legion “hats” / covers, go up shake their hand and thank them for their service and sacrifice for this great country we call home. Without their service u wouldn’t be able to sit around and enjoy your BBQ.

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